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2023 Annual Conference

6-7 July | Lisbon, Portugal

EUROPE AND SPORT: What now and next?



We are extremely glad to announce that the Sport&EU Board ratified the host city for the 17th annual conference. Lisbon will be the selected place for this next event of the European association, that unites scholars and practitioners interested in the relationship between sport and the EU and promotes comparative and interdisciplinary research on sport, Europe, and the European Union.

The goal will be to gather in Portugal, in July 2023, a wide network of people, from within Europe and outside, interested in these areas and promote dialogue and research through the staging of the conference. The commitment is to support the development of new generations of academics, researchers and practitioners, including PhD students and those at an early stage of their career.

Vera Pedragosa, the local coordinator of the conference said on the decision to take the event to the Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa: "Portugal is a privileged place where policies to promote sport and physical activity in line with the European Union countries are concentrated. We recognise the social, economic and integrity benefits of sport.  Sport is more than sport, it provokes emotion and mobility between countries that promote economies, tourism and diversity. It is an honour to host this conference and discuss the challenges of sport today and tomorrow in a European approach”.

Rui Alexandre Jesus, the Portuguese Member of the Sport&EU Board, comments:“Sport and the European Union has been a constant topic in evolution for many years. Several matters have aroused recently, new perspectives about old questions also emerged, and the debate about how the European nations should and must handle common issues, is as important as ever. In July 2023 we hope that all the attendees of the Conference can give their contribution to the challenges that will be addressed.

Borja García, Sport&EU Executive Director said: “We are extremely glad to be taking our annual Sport&EU conference to Portugal and to Lisbon. We thank Rui Alexandre Jesus and the team at Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa for their enthusiasm and their commitment to our conference. I am sure we will have an excellent event in Lisbon next July, with plenty of EU and sport discussions.

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