Sport&Conférence de l'UE 2011

L' 6e annual conference of the Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union (Sport&Etats-Unis) , intitulé «Réflexions sur Lisbonne - passés, present and future’ was held at Nottingham Trent University between 30e Juin et 1er Juillet 2011. A total of 20 research papers debated about the future of EU Sports Policy in the beautiful surrondings of Nottingham city centre. This year’s keynote speaker, The Guardian’s David Conn, provided an incisive overview on the state of football governance in the UK and Europe.

You can download a the report of our 2011 Conférence, with a summary of the panels and discussions by clicking ici.

You can also access a picture gallery of the 2011 Sport&Conférence de l'UE ici .

The Guardian's David Conn addresses the Sport&Etats-Unis 2011 Conference in Nottingham.


The 7th annual conference will take place in Lausanne on 21-22 Juin 2012. A call for papers will be out soon. Join us for our 2012 Conference in Lausanne!


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