The Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union is searching for candidates to organise its 13th annual conference in summer 2018. Given the success of past conferences and the good prospects of our upcoming conference in Molde, it is fair to say that Sport&EU’s annual conference is becoming a regular stop in the academic circuit. It is also particularly attractive for practitioners. Thus, local organisers certainly benefit from organising the event. The conference has now grown to be a full 2-days event and we expect our 2018 edition to maintain that format, if not to grow incrementally.

Sport&EU welcomes applications from its members accross the continent. We would encourage members from countries that have not hosted the conference before to consider applying. We also encourage applications from Britain and South and Eastern Europe.

If you are interested in organising our 2018 conference, please contact us with any questions by email to conference2018@sportandeu.com

Full applications forms will be required,  by email, to conference2018@sportandeu.com no later than 31 March 2017.

For inquiries and any other questions related to the application, please email conference2018@sportandeu.com

Download the application form here

3 responses to “Call for proposals to organise Sport&EU 2018 conference”

  1. Dr Irene A Reid says:

    Good afternoon
    Has the application process to host the 2018 Sport & EU conference closed? The website has a ‘Call For Proposals to Organise’ dated 12 jan 2017 [today], but information says “Full application is required no later than 31 March 2016”; it’s not possible to download the application form either.

    Kind regards
    Irene A Reid

  2. Sport&EU says:

    No, the application process is now open. There was an error in the post, which has now been rectified. The application form can be downloaded and the deadline is 31/03/2017.
    We look forward to receiving your submission.

  3. Dr Irene A Reid says:

    Many thanks

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