Welcome to SPORT&EU

The Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union (Sport&EU) is a vibrant network of like minded academics and practitioners with an interest in the study of the relationship between sport and the European Union, both largely defined. Founded in 2005, Sport&EU’s membership features now individuals from institutions in more than 25 countries from the five continents. The association aims to promote comparative and interdisciplinary studies focusing on various sports. It is also committed to theoretical debate and research within the area of sport and the EU. Our objective is to promote serious and knowledge-based debate and to facilitate informed decision making in the area of EU sports policy.

Sport&EU’s main goal is to provide researchers with a network to exchange ideas and information in order to develop a research agenda that enhances the profile of sport within the area of European Studies (both largely defined). Academics, doctoral and postgraduate students from every branch of learning (including but not limited to anthropology, criminology, economics, ethnology, geography, history, law, linguistics, political science, sociology etc.), working on any area within the European Union are invited to join.

We are specially interested in providing a friendly and motivating forum for post-graduate research students to present their work in an academic environment. PhD students are encouraged to join the association and to participate in its activities. We are also particularly interested in promoting gender equality in the study of sport, for which we encourage female scholars and practitioners to join and to participate actively in the network.